How should you claim the deferral if you are using a payroll service provider (Paychex, ADP, etc.)?

They should be reaching out to you and giving you guidance to receive these advance credits or payroll deferrals.

Do you have to demonstrate a significant decline in revenue to secure the payroll tax deferral benefit? Or is this test only required for the payroll tax credit?

The test is only meant for Employer Retention Credit. The criteria of payroll tax deferral benefit aren’t the same as employer retention credit.

The $10,000 threshold – is it for QUARTER or for a MONTH in a quarter? What if its $15,000? Will you still be able to claim credit for $10,000 out of $15,000?

Yes, absolutely.

If you don’t use all of the credit in Q2, can you continue using them in Q3 or do you need to fill out form 7200 at the end of Q2 for the remaining unused amount?

The 10k is throughout the period of the middle of March to Dec. 31st 2020. So you can use them in future quarters.

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