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Maximize Your Auto Deductions

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Everything You Need To Know To Maximize Your Auto Deductions

If you’re a small business owner or 1099 employee, you can save thousands in taxes you shouldn’t have to pay. Our Auto Deductions Consultation package will give you complete information on how you can minimize your taxes by maximizing your auto deductions. We will answer all of your questions in our Auto Deductions consultation.  

​What is included in this consultation package:

  • How to maximize your automobile deductions?

  • The difference between and examples of Standard Mileage Rate method & Actual Expense method.

  • What is business usage percentage (BUP) and how to calculate your deductions?

  • How important is it to keep a mileage log and when you need to keep a mileage log?

  • Lease vs. Buy

  • How to deduct miles traveling from and to work?

  • Importance of a home office when deducting miles.

  • Using Uber & Lyft.

  • Which method will maximize your deductions, Standard Mileage Rate or Actual Expense?

  • A FREE informational video about how you can maximize your auto deductions.

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