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How to fill out a W-9 Form

It is finally 1099 filing season, and in order to file it, you NEED a W-9 form that is completed by your contractor. In this VIDEO, we discuss how to access W-9 form, and how to appropriately fill it out so that you have complete information from your contractors to issue 1099 forms.

IRS W-9 Link: Form W-9 is a commonly used IRS form. If you have your own business or work as an independent contractor, freelancer, or gig worker (in other words, self-employed), a client may request that you fill out and send a W-9 so they can accurately prepare your 1099-NEC form, report the payments they make to you at the end of the year and know whether or not you are subject to backup withholding.

If your issue involves another related 1099 question, then be sure to check out the other videos in the series because we also go over what to do if your contractor refuses to provide a W-9.


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