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Statistics for Women Small Business Owners

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At XQ CPA, we are proud to serve a varied community of business owners. Today, we want to share some vital statistics female business owners should keep in mind as they run their small business.

According to a survey conducted by Talker Research of 1000 women business owners, 2023 was a tough year for business. Securing funding for their business is the primary concern, and worries about inflation have not contributed to peace of mind. To ensure their business will overcome these challenges, many female business owners have committed to working more hours.

However, by working even harder than ever, many female business owners did achieve their goals in 2023. 41% of respondents were able to grow their customer base by over 50%, and 12% expanded their business. Most notably, over a quarter of women business owners’ profit surged by nearly 60%. While difficulties with funding and fatigue trouble many female business owners, their success cannot be denied.

How is success measured? Just by profitability? For some female business owners, success can mean a variety of achievements. Success to a business owner can mean making a positive impact on her community. Others say that innovation is how they view success for their business.

Regardless of how you measure your business’s success, you cannot achieve your goals without knowing your numbers, or else you will be running your business blindly. You are already so busy running your business; why let managing your books take up even more of your time? You need a reliable accountant, like those at XQ CPA. To schedule a free consultation for your business, give us a call or book online at the link below. We would love to help you.

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