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Why XQ CPA Is The Right Choice


Each individual that comes through our door has a specific need and we make sure to take the time to understand their needs so that we can come up with a perfect solution for them. We have our client's best interest at heart. We make sure to inform our clients every step of the way so that they are aware of our progress diving them peace of mind.

We customize a solution for each client based on their industry and entity structure; we just don't put them in a box. We provide our clients with sophisticated, yet comprehensive and thorough explanations, so that they can learn and understand their financial structure and status, which will enable them to utilize the information to make better business decisions. 

As a firm, we place immense emphasis on the success of our clients. We go above and beyond to be proactive and to make sure 3 things: Do they have the correct entity structure? Are they getting maximum deductions? And, are we minimizing their taxes.  We make sure our clients understand their numbers. We just 
don't give them financial statements without making sure that their financials make sense to them.

We discuss with each of our clients the scope we will perform so that we are all on the same page. We protect out clients by making sure they stay out of trouble with the IRS.

We are a firm that believes technology is the driving force that leads to the success of our clients. We use technology to increase our client's bottom line. We make it our goal to make sure we save our clients as much money as possible by reducing taxes, increasing their bottom line and improving their cash flow.

We understand the importance of deadlines and we are available, no matter what. And, more importantly, you can trust us with any and all information.

About Us

Welcome to XQ CPA!  Not all accountants are alike. We're different. At XQ CPA PLLC, we are dedicated to going the extra mile in serving small business owners. While other accounting firms may offer similar services, our services are unique in that we always strive to understand and meet your needs!

We have extensive experience in serving clients with small to mid-sized businesses. Our team is comprised of experienced CPAs, Certified Public Bookkeepers, QuickBooks ProAdvisors and Certified Tax Coaches. With our sound understanding of small business accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes, we have helped clients in streamlining their business accounting processes and improving the efficiencies and effectiveness of their growing business. We work with you to grow your business and your bottom line.  Our profit and growth experts are committed to serving the needs of businesses in our community. We have the services and know-how required to help your business prosper today, tomorrow and five years from now.  You will never see us apply a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, our team of qualified staff will give you personal attention and sophisticated, forward-looking strategies.  


Licensed in Texas State Board and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Charlene Quah, CPA, possessed more than 10 years of professional experience including accounting, business management, tax preparation, tax planning, audit, review, compilation and business consulting. She is currently the principal of XQ CPA PLLC, a firm that goes extra miles to help businesses in increasing profitability, reducing taxes and better manage cash flows. Charlene is also a frequent guest speaker for many business events for small businesses. Charlene had also  completed the American Institute for Certified Tax Coaches’ inaugural training program leading to the Certified Tax Coach designation, a program that focuses on court-tested, IRS-approved strategies for minimizing Alternative Minimum Tax, maximizing deductions from real estate and passive activities, maximizing retirement savings, and similarly powerful strategies.

Charlene Xin Quah

Charlene Xin Quah
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