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Tax Preparation - Individual

We Make it Easy For You!

Welcome onboard with XQ CPA! We are so happy to have you working with us this tax season. We want to help you be fully prepared to file your 1040. Our website makes the process smooth and easy! Simply follow the instructions in our video, or read below.

Our Methodology

There are various tax preparation software that you could use to prepare your taxes on your own. However, if you don't understand the complex tax rules and regulations, you could make mistakes that may cost you thousands of dollars. We have seen that over and over again. To avoid that, our 3-Step 1040 Preparation ensures that your 1040 is accurately prepared and reviewed. Most importantly, we make sure that you are able to maximize all your deductions now and future by giving you the tips you need to minimize your tax bills. 

Information Gathering

1st Session > Information Gathering:


We provide a TAX ORGANIZER to help you ensure that you know what's deductible and what's not and what needs to be reported on your tax return.​ We make sure you gather all complete information accurately and efficiently. 

Tax Review Meeting

2nd Session > Thorough Review:



Our Certified Tax Coach, Tax Advisors and Tax Professionals make sure all information you have provided are entered correctly in your 1040. Multiple reviews are performed for every tax return prior to submission! 

Review Taxes With You

3rd Session > WE REVIEW WITH YOU!:


Unlike many other tax companies who would just prepare and ask
client to sign, we make sure you know what you are signing! We make sure we review every number, every document with you so that you are 100% sure of what is being submitted to the IRS. 

Step 1: Tax Organizer


We're here to help taxpayers by showing you detailed instructions on how to best prepare for filing your Form 1040.

Watch the video where we walk you through on where and how you need to enter your information so you can maximize your deductions and minimize your tax bill!



Are you a sole proprietorship? Don't stress out filling out the Form 1040 Sch C! 

These series of videos will walk through the Form 1040 Sch C and how to fill out accurate information to maximize on your deductions!


Please watch the videos in order.



A 1040 Schedule E is for taxpayers who has rental income and expenses, along with estates, partnerships, and S-corporations. 

All of those are supplemental income & loss, so it isn't earned income.


Please watch the video for detailed instructions.

Step 2: Set Up Tax Portal Meeting

Instead of emailing your tax documents, we've rolled out our very own tax portal!


For an easy 5-minute setup, call our EA Jessica at 832-295-3353.

Step 3: Pick Your Meeting Date & Pay $500 Retainer

Please note that the 1040 fee is typically $600 to $900 depending on your reporting requirements and number/type of federal forms forms required.

Step 4: Upload Tax Statements to Tax Portal

Call our EA Jessica at 832-295-3353 if you need guidance.

Step 5: Make Sure Documents Are Complete 7 Days Before Tax Meeting Date

Step 6: Attend Tax Return Meeting

Step 7: DocuSign Your 1040

Step 8: Pay Your Tax Balance (if any) And Your 1040 is Filed With the IRS!

We provide 100% guarantee that all our tax returns submitted to IRS is accurate and should you receive any letter from the IRS, we will help you resolve it! As long as you are 100% sure that you have provided all complete and accurate statements and information, we will represent you before the IRS! We stand behind every piece of our work!

Our BASIC 3-STEP TAX PREPARATION SERVICE will include preparation of 1040 and 2 forms. Additional charges apply for itemized deductions and additional forms. Fees paid are strictly non-refundable.  


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