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Attestation Services

Attestation Services



There are three types of attestation services that XQ CPA currently provides.



Compilations are the lowest level of attestation services a CPA can provide. Compilation Services are when the CPA compiles the records and books of any client without going into any more depth to verify its confidence or assurance. Compilations are usually used for internal purposes and may involve adjustments to accounting records.



Reviews provide limited assurance to outside interests. Reviews usually end up involving inquiries and analytical procedures that confirm financial statement matters. In addition to this, they usually identify all items that may require further analysis. Reviews by nature are designed to provide a reasonable level of assurance to an outside reader. Reviews are performed to ensure the integrity of your data.



Audits are the highest level of independent CPA services. The purpose of an audit is to thoroughly verify the integrity of an account through in-depth examinations and confirmations of account balances, inventories, transactions, and internal procedure assessment. As such, audits give third parties the highest level of assurance.


Our Expertise

  • At the heart of XQ CPA are our qualified professionals who are proactive leaders and innovative thinkers in our field of specialist expertise;

  • We do not send out our junior staff on field until one is qualified, trained and experienced;

  • We offer extensive partner involvement in each of our engagements and most of all; we always make ourselves available to our clients whenever any issue or concern arises.


Proven Methodology and Approach

  • We take pride in our three-phase audit methodology carried out on a risk based approach;

  • We believe in carrying out an effective and efficient audit with unnecessary interruption of our clients’ operations;

  • We focus on helping our clients to improve their financial as well as operational efficiencies and effectiveness by sharing our knowledge and experience on industry best practices.

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