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Tax Preparation - Business

You are busy running your business and you simply do not have the time to prepare and file your business taxes. In addition, with the ever changing tax rules and regulations, you could make mistakes that may cost you thousands of dollars i.e. missing deductions or not knowing the deductions you could have claimed. 


To avoid that, our 3-Step Business Tax Preparation Process ensures that your business tax return is accurately prepared and reviewed. Most importantly, we make sure that you are able to maximize all your deductions now and future by giving you the tips you need to minimize your tax bills. 

Tax Documents

1st session > Information Gathering:

We provide a TAX ORGANIZER to help you ensure that you know what's deductible and what's not and what needs to be reported on your tax return.​ We make sure you gather all complete information accurately and efficiently.

Reviewing Your Taxes Thoroughly

2nd session > Thorough Review:

EVERY BUSINESS TAX RETURN PREPARED IS REVIEWED BY MORE THAN ONE TAX PROFESSIONAL! Our Certified Tax Coach, Tax Advisors and Tax Professionals make sure all information you have provided are entered correctly in your business tax return. Multiple reviews are performed for every tax return prior to submission!

Reviewing Your Taxes With You

3rd session> WE REVIEW WITH YOU!:

Unlike many other tax companies who would just prepare and ask client to sign, we make sure you know what you are signing! We make sure we review every number, every document with you so that you are 100% sure of what is being submitted to the IRS. 

If you have multiple partners or managing members in your LLC, you mostly like need to file a partnership tax return or 1065. Your filing deadline is normally March 15 of every year. 

If you have filed an S election for your LLC or if you run an S corporation, you mostly like need to file an S-corp tax return or 1120S. Your filing deadline is normally March 15 of every year. 


If you have a C Corporation, you will need to file 1120 and the deadline is usually April 15 of every year. 

Our BASIC 3-STEP TAX PREPARATION SERVICE will include preparation of Form 1120S, 1120 or 1065 plus K-1(s). Additional charges apply for additional forms. Fees paid are strictly non-refundable. 

Best of ALL, we provide 100% guarantee that all our tax returns submitted to IRS is accurate and should you receive any letter from the IRS, we will help you resolve it! As long as you are 100% sure that you have provided all complete and accurate statements and information, we will represent you before the IRS! We stand behind every piece of our work!

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