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S-Conversion Consultation

LLC to S-Corp

Reaching a Deal

Everything You Need To Know To Minimize Your Business Taxes

Is S-Conversion the right choice for your business? Paying less business taxes is the #1 reason why business owners convert to an S-Corporation. However, converting to an S-Corp is not a simple task. You have to find out if you quality, if it's the right time to convert, who's the best person that will help you convert, etc. We will answer all of your questions in you S-Corp conversion consultation.    

​What is included in this consultation package:

  • What is an LLC?

  • What is an S-Corp?

  • Can an LLC be an S-Corp?

  • What are the advantages of being an S-Corp?

  • What are the disadvantages of being an S-Corp?

  • Should I convert to become an S-Corp?

  • How much taxes do I need to pay as an S-Corp?

  • How do I pay myself as an S-Corp?

  • What kind of taxes do I need to file as an S-Corp

  • What other tax deadlines do I need to know about operating as an S-Corp?

  • How do I convert as an S-Corp?

  • A video about LLC and S-Corp and benefits of conversion which you can purchase NOW.

  • A 45-minute in-person consultation with our team of accountants to address your questions and concerns about conversion.

We will also provide an S-Corporation Compliance Checklist!

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