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Track all business miles for IRS deductions.
Automatic tracking, no need to start/stop trip.
Scroll to view all your trips.
Review each trip and classify.


Compared to all other mileage tracker apps, EpicLedger doesn't drain your battery. Best of all, it's free. No subscription required.

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Mileage Log... Do You Really Need It?


Mileage log... Do you really need it to claim your business deductions? How important is having a mileage log? What can IRS do if you don't have one?

Well, as a business owner, you simply do not have the luxury of time to record every single trip you take to visit your customers. The outcome, some of you decide not to claim the deductions you are entitled to have just because of the trouble it will take to create a mileage log from scratch. Others choose to "take the risk" and worry about it later if an IRS audit hits them. For most business owners, losing auto deductions can be substantial, resulting in higher taxable income and higher tax bills. The reality is if you fail to keep a mileage log and the IRS catches up with you, you will not only deduct less than your real business mileage, you may end up with zero deductions. Many of you have tried a dozen of mileage applications out there but have not been satisfied. You are not satisfied because certain mileage app requires you to push the "start" and "stop" button every single time you get into your car, others drained your battery, causing you to have to charge your device constantly. You asked and we have listened... Partnering with a third party developer, we have now developed a hassle-free GPS App customized only for our clients. It is easy to download, simple to use. What makes it even better is you no longer need to go from screen to screen to record each trip. All your trips, 365 days are all on just one screen! With on click, you can have your mileage report emailed to you instantly in csv format. Below summarizes the simple 4 steps to start using our App to help track your business miles and stay out of trouble with the IRS!  



Download EpicMileage Now!

Free trial is available for XQCPA's clients only. Want to try our App for FREE? Email us at or if you need a demo, call us at 832 795 9612. 

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