I don't have 50 things to do in the day, Charlene gives me everything I need to do to be successful and to not get in trouble with the IRS in just 30 minutes. She breaks it down so well in my language, she dummy proofs it, and you really need to be a bigger dummy to not get what she's saying and that's how she dummy proofs it. So I love her for that!

Snehee Chaplot, CEO

The Food Shop

I am grateful that you came out to Keller Williams!! I would have never come across you and your firm, thank you for everything.  We look forward to working with you in the future as well!!

Andrea Ibarra, Realtor

Keller Williams

This was a great experience. Thank you for your professionalism, patience and thoroughness. 

You both made this as stress free as taxes could possibly be :)

Aidan Sinclair

Studio NUA

I have nothing but good things to say about Charlene and her company. When I started my business, we used a CPA from a referral and it cost us dearly. I met Charlene at a BNI meeting and hired her company to clean up the mess and get us back on track, which she and her team have done phenomenally. I have referred her to other business owners including one in my own family and will continue to do so. 

Russell Quinn, Founder/President

Quinn Technology Solutions

Charlene, Li and Tasha,

You guys are the best! Thank you for your help this tax season. This year I know you guys felt the same "normal" stress... but knowing you guys were there for me, made my tax season much less stressful. This is on top of how you already help my company!!


Chris Burres 

Chris Burres, CEO of eWebResults


Thank you Charlene!  You always take such good care of me.

Joanne Ericksen, Attorney at Law

The Ericksen Law Firm PLLC

I have gained much better understanding in this 14-hour QuickBooks Class and as a business owner, I am able to identify incorrect items or mistakes made by my accounting staff. 

Kent Robertson, Business Owner, Apollo AC

Houston, TX

Charlene, you do great work and I am very satisfied! 

Dr Gary Dennis, Endodontist

Houston, TX

This 14-hour training is a detailed introduction to QuickBooks and it was important that this class was taught at CPA level and not by QuickBooks Sales Team. 

Mary Rogan, Business Owner

Houston, TX

I have gained a better understanding of how to use QuickBooks as a beginner from this 14 hours of training. 

Janice Yetter, Business Owner

Houston, TX

This 14-hour QuickBooks Training Class has taught me more about the management tools and I have gained better understanding of online banking. 

Charles Parker, Accountant

Houston, TX

Hands-on is great! I have found it very useful going through the steps and doing the tutorials in class.

Stephanie Rues, Bookkeeper

Houston, TX

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