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You've worked hard to make your business profitable. Now that you are making a profit, how should you pay yourself? In this chapter, we detail various methods and implications around earning your fair share of your business's profits.


This PDF + Audio bundle includes a digital download of Chapter 6 of our How to Grow Your Wealth Through Tax Planning eBook. Within the zip folder, you will find the specially-formatted text and lively reading from the book's editor Montserrat Llauger. 


As a business owner, do you feel you are paying the IRS too much in taxes? No one likes to give their hard-earned money away, so why should you? Introducing How to Grow Your Wealth Through Tax Planning, a robust yet streamlined guidebook on reducing your taxes and increasing your business and personal wealth, authored by XQ CPA founder Charlene Quah (Partner, CPA, Certified Tax Coach).


With just 16 chapters and only 68 pages, this short and easy read is a fantastic foundation for ambitious business owners looking to save their money. All strategies in this book are legal and even encouraged by the IRS as proven ways taxpayers can maximize deductions and reduce their taxes. 


Disclaimer: Material in this book is not intended to be legal advice. Tax strategies discussed in this book should not be applied before consulting with a trusted tax professional. XQ CPA does not claim responsibility for erroneous tax filing and any resulting legal consequences following independent actions taken from this book's material.

BUNDLE: PDF + Audio | Chapter 6 | Tax Planning eBook

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