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ATTENTION: 2 Weeks Away from April 15th Deadline!

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Attention taxpayers! Today may be April Fool’s Day, but the fact that the April 15th tax filing/payment deadline is only 2 weeks away is not a joke. Hopefully, you have all the required income statements and ensured your filing status is correct. If not, check out the XQ CPA blog for information and tips to begin preparing your taxes.

It is highly recommended that you file your tax return electronically. Filing electronically will allow your tax return to be received and processed faster than if it is mailed to the IRS. It also minimizes any potential mathematical errors. There are several tax software and online programs available for electronic filing. You may also be eligible to file your taxes through the IRS Free File program.

We also recommend that you opt for a direct deposit of your tax refund. As with filing electronically, a direct deposit allows for faster and more secure processing. This way, your refund will not be lost or stolen in the mail. Your refund can be directly deposited in up to 3 accounts, but be sure you input the correct bank routing and account numbers to avoid any delays or misdirected refunds.

The April 15th deadline is closing in fast; however, there is still time to prepare. If you are in need of further guidance in filing your tax return, reach out to the tax experts at XQ CPA. Schedule an appointment by calling us or booking an appointment on our website. We would love to help you this tax season!

Phone: 832-295-3353

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