On Monday, The Internal Revenue Service said that they won’t further delay the tax filing and payment deadline past July 15th. Previously the tax filing & payment deadline that was originally due by April 15 was extended for three months which gave taxpayers more time to file. The good news is taxpayers are still able to request for automatic extensions to file their paperwork by Oct. 15th.

The bad news is if taxpayer has a tax balance, it will need to be paid by July 15th. The IRS understands the complications that the pandemic has caused everyone but they addressed that they have ‘easy-to-use’ payment options that are available on their website.

Our advise for all taxpayers, do not wait till the last minute to file your taxes. Need more information on how to file your taxes, please go to Have questions? please call us today at (832) 295-3353 or please schedule your next appointment with us here > We are here for you!


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