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Why Is My Tax Refund Delayed?

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Those who submitted their 2023 tax return by April 15th and expect a refund should typically receive it within 21 days of their tax return being processed. However, refunds can occasionally be delayed. What should you do if it’s been weeks without any word from the IRS on your refund’s status?

If you e-filed your tax return and opted for a direct deposit, you can typically expect a processing time of 21 days to receive your refund. This is considered the fastest and most reliable method. If you mailed in a paper tax return, longer periods of 4 weeks or more should be expected.

Wait times can increase if the IRS decides to do an in-depth review of your tax return. This can happen if your income differs from what the IRS has on file from official income documents submitted by your employer or client. Additionally, you may have made clerical errors when filling out your personal details or direct deposit account information. In these scenarios, the IRS will send you a letter to inform you of which information they need clarified. Remember that the IRS will not call you regarding your tax return, so do not give away sensitive details over the phone to a potential scammer.

To check the status of your refund, utilize the IRS’s Where’s My Refund? tool. You will need to input your Social Security Number, filing status, and the refund calculation exactly as it appears on your tax return.

For further assistance with your 2023 tax return and refund, reach out to the XQ CPA team. We would love to clear up any questions you may have or guide you in filing your 2023 tax return if you have not yet submitted it to the IRS. Give us a call at 832-295-3353, or book an appointment online at

Phone: 832-295-3353

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