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Why a Mileage Log Is a Must!

If you already claim your gas, car maintenance, parking, and tools, do you need a mileage log? Yes, because maintaining a mileage log is very important to prove to your business usage percentage. It is the only way you can prove to the IRS that you have driven your car for business purposes.

So how do you track all of your business mileage for auto deductions? You could always do it manually, but there is a chance you could forget about writing down. Or even worse, you could mix your personal and business trips from your GPS history that could most likely get you an IRS audit!

In our previous video, we went over how to fill in your mileage log, but in this video, we’re going to be going over the best alternative for keeping track of your trips and the benefits of maintaining a mileage log to maximize your deductions!

Learn More About The EpicMileage App:

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