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Why AI Will NOT Replace Accountants!

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Length: approx. 1 min. 30 sec.

AI is certainly rising to become an essential tool of many industries. As a small business, you wonder how much you can rely on AI to automate your accounting and finance function. Is AI good enough to replace your accountant? Not quite! Here is why AI will not replace accountants.

There is a lack of adaptability in areas where problems may need to be solved. For AI, when there is an issue, an error message will pop up rather than a solution. Real human accountants will encounter an error and work through correcting it, even if it takes multiple creative attempts to resolve the issue.

In addition, AI cannot really differentiate and understand tone in writing. Similar to how you may be uncertain if someone is being sarcastic over text message, AI has no measure of nuance in an interaction, so you should not trust a chatbot to interact with you as your accountant.

While it is true that you cannot solely use an AI to replace your accountant for your small business, an accountant could use AI to boost productivity of his or her work. For example, an accountant can use AI to analyze a large set of data rather than sifting through hundreds or even thousands of transactions individually. This allows the accountant to be more efficient with their time and create a more detailed and customized report for your business needs.

If you would like to find out more about how today’s technology could help you boost productivity, cut costs, and provide greater visibility of your financial performance, feel free to reach out to us. Make an appointment at or call at 832-295-3353.


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