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$100 Million Bank of America Payout

Audio version available here:

Length: approx. 1 min.

Do you use Bank of America for your business or personal banking? If yes, you will want to pay close attention to the $250 million fine the bank must pay for prioritizing greed over its customers. This means an account may have been fraudulently opened in your name, or you were unable to access benefits associated with your credit card. It is vital that you call Bank of America’s customer service and find out if you were a victim. Some good news: $100 million of the fine will be paid out to the bank’s affected customers, so you may be compensated. More details are yet to come on when exactly these payments will be made. Until then, we encourage you to monitor your financial records closely, and reach out to us at XQ CPA to stay updated on the situation. Give us a call at 832-295-3353, and follow us on our socials @xqcpa. Additionally, you can read our source articles for more details on the case:


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