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BACK TAXES: What Should You Do?

We know how it started... January rolls around, you gather your tax documents to file your return by the deadline. Sometimes, or maybe most of the time, you need an extension and maybe you don't meet the extended deadline and now your tax return is late and unfiled. Next tax season rolls around and you still haven't filed prior year's tax return so you don't want file the current year either... Now your problem is snowballing and it continues until you found out that the IRS has filed substitute tax return for YOU! Let me give you a road map for achieving peace of mind by getting right with the IRS. If you have late or unfiled tax returns, you have an urgent problem that you should start to fix TODAY! If you need assistance, we recommend you call us today and take advantage of our first 30-minute tax consultation for FREE. If you feel that a friend or someone you know may have similar kind of challenge, please allow us to help your friend by forwarding this email to your friend. Thank you!

Charlene X. Quah, CPA, Certified Tax Coach

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