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Living a Full Life in a Century: A Tribute to Dr. Howard Tucker

Audio version available here:

Length: approx. 1 min.

Ever thought about what you’d be doing at 101 years old? For Dr. Howard Tucker, the answer is simple–he maintains the same enthusiasm for his work he's embraced over the past seven decades. At the age where most minds inevitably slow down, Dr. Tucker defies convention by actively pursuing his neurology work. Similarly, his wife also continues to practice psychoanalysis and psychiatry at 89 years old. Life is not all just about work though, as Dr. Tucker swears by maintaining his social status and various hobbies to help keep his mind sharp and stimulated. Along with attending regular meals with his children and community, he pores over recent neurology journals and detective novels for entertainment. Dr. Tucker's unwavering work ethic and dedication to mental vitality inspire many, including us at XQ CPA. We strive to share in his impressive work ethic and social status, and we wish him many more years to come! Read more about Dr. Tucker’s incredible story here:


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