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Tax Benefits For Switching Personal Vehicles to Business

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Normally, your personal purchases do not carry much incentive for tax purposes, but vehicles can create great tax benefits at no extra cost to you. This can be done by converting your personal vehicle to business use. How does this work?

The day you convert your personal vehicle to business use is also known as the day you place it in service. For tax purposes, the in-service date is how you determine your basis for depreciation, which is where the main benefit of this conversion comes in. Your basis for depreciation can vary from the original purchase price of the vehicle depending on the amount of time that passed between the purchase date for personal use, and the start date of business operation.

Please note that you cannot use Section 179 expensing on personal assets converted to business use, but you can claim bonus depreciation as long as the vehicle was acquired on or after September 28, 2017. For 2023, the rate is 80%. However, if you opt to use the IRS 65.5 cents mileage rate, keep in mind that the depreciation deduction of 28 cents per mile is already included, and no other depreciation can be applied.

If you feel like you need guidance on converting your personal vehicle to business in order to maximize tax benefits, reach out to us at XQ CPA. We are here to help. For additional information on maximizing business vehicle deductions, watch our YouTube video:

Phone: 832-295-3353

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