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Tax Deadline Approaching For Americans Abroad

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Attention US taxpayers who currently reside outside the country! Your tax filing deadline for 2023’s tax return is rapidly approaching. On Monday, June 17th, 2024, you must pay and file your 2023 individual income tax return or face interests and penalties.

Wasn’t the deadline on April 15th? For most taxpayers filing their individual income tax return, yes. However, there is an automatic extension to pay and file for certain individuals. These include “U.S. citizens or resident aliens residing overseas or on duty in the military outside the U.S.” More specifically, “they are living outside of the United States and Puerto Rico and their main place of business or post of duty is outside the United States and Puerto Rico, or…they are serving in the military outside the U.S. and Puerto Rico on the regular due date of their tax return.”

If you qualify for the extension, make sure to attach a statement to your tax return explaining how your situation fits into the above qualifications so you do not incur penalties and interests for late filing and payment. There are no further automatic extensions, with the exception of federally declared disaster areas. As usual, you can file Form 4868 for an extension to file past the June 17th deadline, but like those with a regular April 15th deadline, this extension does not apply towards paying your tax balance.

There may be certain tax benefits you qualify for if you reside outside the US. For assistance on finding out if you qualify for these benefits, and for guidance in filing your 2023 tax return, please reach out to the XQ CPA team. We would be happy to assist you with your 2023 tax return, and to plan your tax strategy for 2024. Give us a call or make an appointment online on the XQ CPA website.

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