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Thanksgiving Will Be Easier On Your Wallet This Year!

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Great news for turkey lovers! This year’s Thanksgiving feast will be a little easier on your wallet, thanks to a 5.6% decrease in price on the average 16-pound turkey. That’s not all that’s averaging a lower price. While most Americans have faced the growing grocery price issue, much like turkeys, staple Thanksgiving offerings like cranberries have seen a price drop of 18%.

Why has this happened now when Americans are currently forking out more cash for essential groceries than in previous years? Primarily, supply is at a high. Turkey farms faced a devastating avian flu outbreak in 2022, which helps explain why turkey prices were so staggering last year. To recuperate, many farms vastly inflated the number of turkeys produced. In case of another outbreak, this could help cushion the population loss. However, no such outbreak has occurred so far, so now there is a lot of extra stock to sell.

This case of supply and demand presents a promising possibility for the future supply chain. But until we see the results of higher interest rates and increased manufacturing, this reprieve in being nervous at the checkout lane is welcome just in time for the holidays.

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