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Time to Update Your Tax Planning

With all the recent IRS news and updates, tax planning is becoming more important, especially for business owners who wish to reduce their tax bills. As many of you know the IRS is set to receive an increase of $80 billion budget over the next ten years, which would increase % of IRS audits for many. This means you as a business owner should start thinking of careful and intentional tax planning by executing strategies backed by solid record keeping. With proper tax planning, this allows you to reduce your tax bills legally and at the same time stay out of trouble with the IRS. Is your tax planning & record keeping strong enough to make sure you do not have any IRS audit risks with the IRS? To find out how you can keep your business on the right path, reach out to us at XQ CPA and we will be glad to guide you! #Tax #CPA #Business #IRS #TaxPlanning


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