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Using AI to Promote Your Small Business

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Length: approx. 1 min. 30 sec.

The early stages of your small business are crucial. You want to be profitable as soon as possible, and that means generating income through sales. But getting the initial traction to boost those sales can be a daunting task, especially if your business doesn’t have a full marketing team yet. How can a business owner like you find customers? The answer could lie in AI.

But before you let ChatGPT take over your promotion campaign, make sure you’ve done your due diligence to establish your business’s online presence. Do you have a business website? Have you created a Google business profile so that potential customers can easily look you up?

Once you have a solid foundation, then you can look at bringing AI into the fray. AI can help you optimize your online presence through flexible ad campaigns that adjust to fit your target audience, connecting you with new customers. You could also use AI for asset creation, though we recommend caution if you are looking into creating AI-generated artwork, as litigation and controversy are still prominent in that space. 

Another way AI could help you is in managing your numbers. While AI cannot be a total replacement for an accountant, it can reduce time spent sifting through transactions and calculations. For more insight on this, watch our YouTube video on the relationship between accounting and AI

Generating sales by reaching a reliable audience is imperative to getting your business off the ground. AI could help you achieve this, but when you do start to make sales and a profit, you will need to think about your business’s taxes. Staying in compliance with the IRS is essential. To do this, you can rely on the experienced tax professionals of XQ CPA. Our mission is to serve small business owners like you.

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