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Why You Shouldn’t Trust “Free” Tax Services

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As we approach the 2024 tax filing season, many taxpayers will look for convenient and low-cost options to file their taxes. Though filing your tax return on your own with the IRS is free, having a tax professional help prepare and file your taxes for you is more secure. However, hiring a tax preparer costs money. Due to this, many people look into online software for assistance instead. 

Services like TurboTax promote their “free” tax-filing software to people for that precise reason. Despite this being one of their main advertising points, many features the average taxpayer would need to successfully complete their tax return with maximum deductions are behind a paywall. Unfortunately, people then find themselves with no choice but to cough up potentially hundreds of dollars.

As a result of this practice, the Federal Trade Commission has upheld its decision to ban TurboTax from advertising its services as free for users when it typically is not. Flashy promotions can be harmful for consumers. Our advice is to conduct thorough research. Instead of trusting the most attention-grabbing commercial you see online, look into if the company can actually deliver on its promise.

At XQ CPA, we don’t hide that our services cost money. We also don’t hide that our services save our clients hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars. If your goal is to give less of your hard-earned money away, then you should consider reaching out and making an appointment with XQ CPA. Our tax experts specialize in reducing your taxes through methods encouraged by the IRS, so if you’re ready to take charge of your tax liability and receive personalized advice, don’t hesitate to call us or book a consultation online at the link below.

Phone: 832-295-3353

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