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Would I Be Able to File My Tax Return During the Government Shutdown?

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Though Congress was able to narrowly avoid a government shutdown just before the September 30th deadline, its new spending plan is in effect for only 47 days. If Democrats and Republicans are unable to coordinate and pass a new budget for the next fiscal year, the nation could face another shutdown.

Amidst the uncertainty of the September shutdown threat, many taxpayers with personal tax return extensions worried that they would be unable to file their taxes by the October 16th deadline. Under a government shutdown, the IRS would run on minimal funds and staff, which would limit many regular operations, including paper and phone correspondence. Due to this, if you plan on mailing in a paper copy of your tax return, processing of that return may be delayed. E-filing would still be available, however, during a shutdown, the IRS would not be reachable over the phone, so you would need to be absolutely certain the tax return is completed correctly with accurate information.

Luckily, many taxpayers have switched to e-filing their taxes, so the necessity to file electronically would not be burdensome. However, for those who continue to use the traditional mail-in method, this could be inconvenient. That is why you should work with a tax professional when preparing your taxes, like those at XQ CPA. We make the process easy and stress-free for you, all while ensuring your tax return is totally accurate through several rounds of review with our experienced tax preparers. If you are still in need of filing your personal tax return by the October 16th extension deadline, reach out to us today!

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