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How Did ScaleFactor Crumble Upon It's Own Self-Proclaimed Throne?

A once $100 million company that was going to be the next unstoppable juggernaut of their industry has fallen by the weight of self-inflicted problems. ScaleFactor was a technology-driven company that had developed a "groundbreaking" AI to do books for small business owners, however, in truth, it was completed by people. So when they took in an overabundance of small business owners who were ready to relax for the end of the day, not realizing the danger their company is going to be in when they find out that their books were going to be filled with errors. This eventually led to waves upon waves of cancellations, which was so bad it led to the loss of at least $600,000 worth of lost accounts in 2019. YIKES! That is a lot of cancellations. As ScaleFactor shuts down, they claim their failures on the current pandemic crisis of COVID-19.

(Source: Forbes)

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