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Getting Wrong Notices From the IRS?

Getting wrong IRS notices?

Last Thursday (8/13/2020), the IRS posted an update on their website that details their current status of operation. The IRS is currently working through its backlog and is experiencing delays in processing paper returns due to its limited staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Checks: Checks that taxpayers have mailed to the IRS (either with or without a tax return). The IRS stated that payments will be posted as of the date they received the check, rather than the date the Service processes the check.

Notices: Backlogged letters and notices have begun being mailed out by the IRS as they return to normal operations. Many of these are mailed with past due payment or response dates. Instead of generating a new, correct notice, the IRS is including as an insert with the notice or letter a Notice 1052, Important! You Have More Time to Make Your Payment. That insert will provide the updated pay or response date.

Over 20 million notices have been mailed by the IRS since early June with either with the current or insert dates. It is important to note that it has been reported that approximately 11,000 notices went out without the insert, and the Service is reaching out to the affected taxpayers.

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