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Hidden Loan Options for New Homebuyers

Commercial mortgage rates are averaging almost 6%! Although some home buyers are lucky enough to get rates for half of that by using a key resource…their family. Homebuyers have found reprieve from receiving commercial loans, and instead are opting for an alternative that is supported by the government. Inter Family loans have spiked in activity due to the real estate market today offering large interest rates and high barriers to entry. The IRS has regulated low-interest rates for families by the recipient paying less in interest than a typical commercial loan & the lender gaining more interest than they would with a savings account. The upcoming rates depend on their longevity such as short-term rates as low as 2.88%; mid-term rates at 3.15% and long-term rates at 3.35%. To find out more about the current business trends make sure to follow us or reach out, to remain current in this ever-changing economic landscape! #Business #Accounting #CPA #IRS


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