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How to Increase Your Small Business’s Revenue!

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Length: approx. 1 min. 40 sec.

The goal of every business is to make a profit, and to accomplish this, you need to generate revenue, but doing so is arduous. Here are some ways you can increase your business’s revenue this year.

Firstly, hire skilled workers. Business owners have made hiring skilled employees a “top priority”; however, doing so can be costly. One study showed that the average cost to hire was “almost $4,700”. To hire the most qualified candidates, make sure the job description posted is specific and hones in on the “problems and challenges” you want to solve with this role.

Second, “optimize inventory management to enhance omnichannel sales”. Selling through various “online and in-person channels” can help boost your business’s revenue. Use data analytics—such as “sales history—to recognize which channels were most impactful to prevent over or understocking products. Ensure that you “optimize inventory management” to provide the best experience for customers.

Third, manage your cash flow. Know your “fixed and variable costs” and “monitor cash flow projections” in order to spot problems before they occur. This will help you create a cushion for whenever your business experiences any “unexpected expenses and emergencies”.

Finally, create your own financial goals. By creating goals, business owners can have progress benchmarks, have “a clear sense of direction”, and understand where your business needs to improve.

What this really boils down to is knowing your numbers. When you know your numbers, you have the power to make informed decisions for your business. Diving into your books can be intimidating, so let the XQ CPA team make it easier for you. Reach out to our team either by phone or through our online booking portal and get the right guidance for your business today.

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