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IRS Deadline Tips & Reminder

The IRS is reminding taxpayers who have not filed their 2021 tax returns; that the filing deadline is right around the corner. With 19 million requests for extensions to file until September 15th (For S-Corps & Partnerships) & October 17th (Personal & C-Corps) we would like to remind you to not miss out on any tax credits & benefits to maximize your return. The IRS also urges taxpayers to have all their year-end statements prepared prior to filing tax returns for 2021, for more details head to the IRS web link below. Have you finalized your 2021 tax return yet? Have you sat down with a CPA to maximize your tax credits & deductions? For more information, head to or reach out to us here at XQ CPA to get your tax returns in order! #Tax #Benefits #IRS #CPA


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