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Rate Hikes & Battling Inflation!

Business owners should be aware that the Federal Reserve maintains its commitment to controlling inflation. Prior to the new act signed by President Biden this week; the Fed held its policy meeting & feels there is little evidence of inflation slowing following 2 consecutive rate hikes. With plans on using the incoming data for a guide as opposed to following a preferred policy path, which could determine the size of future rate hikes. The U.S. dollar is on track for its highest weekly increase since April 2020 showing evidence of the Fed doing its part to combat inflation and efforts to keep the economy afloat. It is always important to make sure your business is prepared for inflation and the new provisions signed into law, are you taking the right steps for your business to stay ahead of the curve? Follow us here at XQ CPA and contact us to make sure your business is prepared! #Accounting #CPA #Business #Economy


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